Bee Pollen For Bodybuilding And Weight Lifting

Using bee pollen for body building and weight lifting – what you must know

Bee pollen supplementing was a highly guarded “inside” secret by top athletes to improve their sports and athletic performance, and this secret has carried on, although openly now, being considered by many top professional and even amateur beginning bodybuilders and weight lifters to be a super way to add nutrition to their diet which can also help them to gain muscle.

The reason for this is because every gram of bee pollen is 35% protein, but more of that later.

So bee pollen as a supplement is a very potent and natural way for bodybuilders, weight lifters, athletes and even normal layperson to boost their energy and stamina levels, because pollen is packed-dense with so much nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.

One of the greatest contributors is the presence of vitamin B complex in bee pollen which helps to improve the metabolism of fat into energy, meaning that it stimulates and improves your body’s ability to breakdown fat and the by-product is additional energy.

Meaning you can work out more AND yet get more ripped, toned with the increased fat loss…without all the usual caffeine-jitters with so many thermogenic supplements out there.

Bee pollen supplementing is natural, and jitter-free.

Of course, you cannot just buy anyhow, you have to be selective on the quality and grade – it has to be topmost quality, because poorer quality either means that the ingredient is sourced from a polluted/contaminated place (think China) or manufactured in a facility that is non-compliant to good practices, and these lead to very, very low pollen supplementing results.

Bee pollen is not a new supplement/food fad or trend – it’s been around for hundreds if not thousands of years across the world, and it’s been written in the Talmud, Bible, Koran, the Ancient Oriental Scrolls for their curative and health properties.

With that, there is much clinical research on pollen that are positive as well as many anecdotal testimonials of happy users as well as support by professional doctors.

There is an increasing amount of studies that are showing and demonstrated how bee pollen has improved energy and endurance in the users as well as help with detoxification of the body.

Really? Bee Pollen For Bodybuilding And Weight Lifting?

Ok, the nutritional analysis of a gram bee pollen is:

  • 35% protein
  • 55% carbohydrates
  • 2% fatty acids
  • 3% minerals and vitamins including vitamin B complex (that helps to improve metabolism and increase natural energy), vitamin A and C (antioxidants), D and E (helps with cellular repair and regeneration), beta carotene, selenium and lecithin that helps with appetite and weight loss

That’s per gram.

Though bee pollen has been around for a very long time, yet there is much unknown and yet to be discovered about pollen.

There is a possibility that there are still many undiscovered nutrients and enzymes in pollen, so there may be more benefits to be discovered in the future.

So Why Should Bodybuilders and Weight Lifters Take Bee Pollen Supplements?

In one word: bee pollen nutritional profile.

Ok fine, that's four words.

The nutritional profile of pollen as above shows how nutritious every gram of bee pollen is: it is chock-full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and carbohydrates; which is what the busy bees need to for their super busy lives.

When compared to its calorie contents, pollen has very high nutrient/nutrition-per-calorie as one full ounce of bee pollen has only about 90 calories. Calorie for calorie, bee pollen has much, much more benefits compared to meats, vegetables and fruits.

Authors Carlson Wade and Royden Brown say in their books that we humans can survive on 30-35 grams of bee pollen and water, and live very healthily. Even small quantities give the user very high amount of nutrients.

For the bodybuilders and weight lifters, high protein foods are the most important and favored foods to build, repair and maintain muscle health, size and cut; and how bee pollen supplements fit in is because they are high in proteins (35% protein) and has double the amount of protein that beef provides, gram for gram.

The complete, known nutrients found in pollen:

  • 35% abundant, free and necessary amino acids
  • Minerals including potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron and zinc and copper.
  • Trace minerals
  • All B vitamins, including B-12 complex
  • Vitamins A, C and E
  • Folic Acid
  • Panthothenic Acid
  • Rutin
  • Lecithin
  • RNA
  • DNA
  • Enzymes and co-enzymes
  • Anti-oxidants which includes flavanoids and beta-carotene
  • Lycopene

Bee pollen’s amino acids is also known as first-class source of BCAA (Branched chain) amino acids which are accessible and easily absorbed by our muscles (this is especially important to bodybuilders and weight lifters and even athletes), because we want the proteins/amino acids to be quickly absorbed by our muscles to feed, repair and maintain our muscle health, size and definition.

At the same time, taking high grade bee pollen supplement consistently will also help to regulate, balance and stimulate our metabolic processes, helping with thermogenesis of fats to fatburn mode which not only burns fat but also helps remove the superfluous fat that is caused by large protein intake.

Bee Pollen Supplements

Bee pollen supplementing is one of the best natural options to improve one’s energy and endurance for workouts and exercises, and it’s main energy conduction is the abundant vitamin B that regulates fat metabolism and thermogenesis as mentioned above.

Because it’s natural, it doesn’t have all the jitters that are associated with other energy and weight loss products that flood the market place.

Jenny Huang, senior physiotherapist, mother of 2 and marathoner/runner says:

Xtend Life Bee pollen supplements helps me to keep running, and it doesn’t give me the jitters like how caffeine and sugar and energy products does – highly recommended

Read more bee pollen reviews and testimonials here.

Plus because it’s rich in all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs, you may find that you feel generally healthier and sense of well being (due to restoration of nutrient deficit in organs)

What Are The Possible Downsides/Side Effects?

There are a small number of individuals, 3-5% of people who are allergic or sensitive to bee pollen and bee products.

I always advise to have caution, and to check with a doctor first.

Generally, rule of thumb is if someone is already taking bee honey and has no issues, generally should be ok, but checking with doctor first is always safer to me.

If you develop any of the following symptoms, you may have allergies to pollen:

  • “itching” in your throat, nose and eyes
  • coughing
  • wheezing
  • hives
  • skin flushes

In a even smaller group of people, they may develop a nasty and potentially fatal symptom called anaphylaxis – if you have the slightest form of reaction, please stop taking it and see your doctor immediately.

Choosing Your Bee Pollen Supplements Well

When you choose your bee pollen supplements, you need to factor in 3 things:

  • where they sourced it: raw pollen needs to be sourced from the purest, pristine and unpolluted areas, as if it’s sourced from an industrialized/polluted area, it’d transfer into the pollen and end product as well

  • the pollen has to be freeze dried and never heat dried. Heat drying fries and destroys nutrients and active enzymes, so it’s useless nutritionally

  • the facility that manages it has to be cGMP-compliant, meaning that they have to adhere to strict US FDA standards with Certificates of Analysis (COA) for every batch of bee pollen supplements they create. Not many companies do this because it’s time consuming and costs money…but it yields pure and potent products.

Most bee pollen products in US and in the world are unfortunately lower quality because they tend to be harvested from China/industrialized area, leading to contaminated pollen; heat dried that’s quickly produced and in NON-GMP compliant facilities – all to cut cost and improve profit margins…and this leads to consumers to take poorer quality or contaminated bee pollen products that have no benefits or worse, ingest contaminants.

I’m sorry but I’m really particular on what I allow into my body, and I hope that you too are discerning and practice this.

The Stuff I’ve Been Taking Since 2014

The bee pollen supplement I take is freeze dried and scientifically formulated to also contain additional synergistic enzymes, amino acids and minerals to enhance the health benefits.

The pollen is harvested from north-western corner of south island of New Zealand, a pure and pristine area beside a national part that is free from industrialization and airborne pollution. Its nutritional effects will be noticed and I comfortably personally endorse it.

When you factor in the fact that it is processed and manufactured in GMP compliant facilities with standards that meet the FDA’s standards for pharmaceutical-grade quality drugs, it’s even better.

Basically earning this a nutraceutical level bee pollen supplement (highest label for a supplement in terms of quality), and this is not common nor easily found in the US.

The manufacturer also offers a 365 days money back guarantee or full product replacement – something the health world don’t offer today. It’s also less expensive than other supplements while still maintaining a high level of quality, pharmaceutical quality.

I’ve been taking this personally since 2014, and I honestly say this: it has helped me a lot in my life, giving me all the energy, health and wellness I need to handle my 5 AM to 10 PM days everyday, young children, family, manage multiple busy physiotherapy clinics, meetings, investments, readings etc.

To me, it’s one of my favorite and important supplements that I take every day. Without fail.

Read more or try it here, or read my review on this product here.

How To Choose A Quality Bee Pollen Supplement

Buying granules or powder that follows certain guidelines can go a long way in curtailing any risk with your daily supplement dosage goals.

Not all honey bee bread is created equal. Some gather their pollen from inferior sources and this affects the nutritional potency of the end product.

Make sure you get only the best quality bee pollen supplement product, I recommend you ensure your supplement follows the following criteria.

  1. Buy your from a GMP-compliant manufacturing facility that has certificate of analysis (COA) for every batch produced. This certifies product quality.

    As most of the bee pollen supplements and products sold in the world and US comes from China, most of these honeybee bread batches have actually been shown to be contaminated.

    You need to know the source from where it is coming from

    So in order to obtain the healthiest and best bee pollen supplement, please make sure the source is as pristine as possible with the product being produced at GMP-compliant facilities.

    Facilities that are GMP registered comply with the most rigid standards (pharmaceutical/nutraceutical grade) so as to minimize the possibility of product contaminants as well as providing the best health benefits.

    These are the same standards pharmaceutical companies in the United States are required to operate under as mandated by the FDA.

  2. Next, only get freeze-dried honey bee pollen supplements (avoid all processed, heated, or heat dried honey bee pollen and bread because this preserves the nutrients in the bee pollen)

    Heat processing or heat drying bee pollen burns and kills the sensitive enzymes (and most of the health benefits).

    This also prevents the bread from becoming oxidized thus maintaining nutritional potency. (Remember, with most granules or bread, 95% of its nutritional value isn't even assimilated and this is why.)

  3. Ideally, make sure the bread benefit or product rather does not contain any fillers or additives such as sucrose (sugar), starch, gluten, silica (sand) or any other artificial colors, dyes, or flavors.

>> Buy / Try Xtend Life Bee Pollen Direct From Manufacturer Here <<

My #1 Recommended Xtend Life’s Pollen Natural Energy With New Zealand Bee Pollen (I've Been Taking This Since 2014)

A company in New Zealand offers GMP-compliant products, and meets all the above criteria and more.

Their bee pollen comes from one of the most pristine sources on earth in New Zealand that is made in facilities that surpass even U.S. FDA standards.

(They actually meet British Pharmacopoeia standards with some of their procedures, like their herbal extraction procedures).

Their supplement has 11 vitamins, a number of amino acids, enzymes, which complements its effectiveness.

Despite the dozens of bee pollen supplement brands on the market today, we’ve found that there is only one brand that meets all the criteria of a high-quality natural health supplement, and that brand is Xtend Life’s Pollen Natural Energy With New Zealand Bee Pollen.

So what makes this bee pollen product stand out from the rest of the bee pollen products out there? Just take a look at the following reasons:

  • It is harvested from the South Island of New Zealand.
  • It is freeze-dried right after harvesting.
  • It comes in an encapsulated powder form.
  • It is completely natural and does not contain any artificial ingredients.
  • It contains all the essential amino acids present in bee pollen.
  • It is naturally packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

100% One Year Money Back Guarantee

Probably the best thing about Xtend Life’s Pollen Natural Energy With New Zealand Bee Pollen is that you have absolutely nothing to lose when you purchase the product.

This is because they offer an unbelievable one year money-back guarantee to anyone who is not satisfied with the product at all. That is how confident they are in the effectiveness of their products.

When a company does this it really shows how much care and consideration they put into their products to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

If you do not feel any difference within 12 months, you can simply get a full refund, no questions asked.

>> Buy / Try Xtend Life Bee Pollen Direct From Manufacturer Here <<

What Are Bee Pollen Users Saying About Xtend Life’s Pollen Natural Energy?

It’s very important to learn about any health product before you start using it. While the official websites do contain a host of details about these products, the best source of information on whether a supplement works or not would come from the feedbacks of people who had actually used the product.

Here are some of what actual users have to say about Xtend Life’s Pollen Natural Energy:

5 stars - Natural boost - Regina Sandrine on Sep 20, 2017

I have been using this for the past year. It gives me a boost in natural way. I trust this product 100% for my health and wellness. No side effect. Goodness as gold.

5 stars - Excellent -  William S on Sep 10, 2017

An excellent source of energy in the afternoon, or anytime, when I tend to slow down.

5 stars - I will probably never stop taking it! - Doreen on Jan 11, 2017

I have been taking Xtendlife's Natural Energy Bee Pollen for one year now, and will probably never stop taking it. It was recommended to me by my doctor to help with my overall well-being.

Strangely, I found this product to really help me with hot flashes and I think it helps me sleep better at night as well. I can honestly tell a difference when I miss taking it.

I highly recommend Natural Energy Bee Pollen from Xtendlife!! I won't buy it here in the USA as I don't think the quality is as good.

It is a definite 5 stars!

Because when I miss taking it (which I do not miss any doses any more) the hot flashes come back. I do like taking the bee pollen a lot!

(Read more Xtend Life Bee Pollen customer reviews here)


I've been taking Xtend Life bee pollen supplement in capsule form since 2014 now and can report superb results including increased energy and improved all-around good health.

If you prefer honey bee bread supplements in a tablet form, this is the ideal way to go, in my opinion.

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